Sports Injuries in Westchase

At Westchase Physical Therapy & Back Pain Center, we understand the importance of sport and the demands this places on your body as we are all sports’ enthusiasts ourselves.  Our specialist team of therapists have worked with many top teams from a range of sports. Our sports injuries clients include professional and world-class athletes from many different sports. Whether you are a professional world class athlete or simply love your chosen sport, the Westchase Therapy sports injury team is here for you.

Aim of Sports Injury Treatment in Westchase & Palm Harbor

To return you to your chosen sport:

  • as quickly as possible
  • fitter than before
  • and decrease your risk of re-injury!

How We Do it:

As a leading sports medicine clinic, we follow two key steps; diagnosis and treatment.

Diagnosis involves establishing not only the presenting injury but also the cause of the problem.  By doing this we will help prevent re-occurrence.

Treatment Will Typically Involve:

  • hands on therapy
  • use of specialized equipment
  • rehabilitation in our on-site gym
  • a detailed home exercise plan
  • a program to ensure a smooth transition from treatment table to sport.

Injury Prevention

For those of you who want to stay a step ahead of injury book in for our full body screening where we use a range of specialist exercises and tests to identify at risk areas. Following assessment, the results will be explained to you and a program given to correct the identified issues.

Our sports injury therapists truly understand the importance of returning you to full fitness as quickly as possible.

Sport played at whatever level has many health benefits, notably physical fitness and mental well being. When sports injuries occur you lose these health benefits and that is where our team of Physical and Occupational therapists will step in to take you through the stages of rehabilitation:

  1. Full Sports Injury Assessment
  2. Diagnosis
  3. Treatment (by any range of techniques )
  4. Program of sport specific rehabilitation (On site gym facilities available)

Types of sports injury include:

Soft Tissue Injuries

  • Muscle pulls and tears
  • Tendon Injuries e.g. golfers/tennis elbow, achilles injury
  • Ligament strains and tears

Joint Pain

  • Ankle
  • Knee
  • Hip
  • Wrist
  • Elbow
  • Shoulder

Back and Neck Pain

  • Joint
  • Muscle
  • Disc
  • Posture

Post Surgery

  • Ligament Repair (Cruciate etc)
  • Post Fracture

Impaired Performance

Is a sports injury or something else holding you back from achieving your best? After a full physical assessment, we could identify underlying problems.

Join the list of gyms, sports clubs and individual athletes who benefit daily from the expert care available at Westchase Physical Therapy & Back Pain Center.

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Joe DeJohn

I recently worked with Megan, on a very specific therapy process that I honestly can’t say enough about. In short, I had a heel based issue that has been incredibly problematic and painful for more than a year. I had been to a foot doctor several times, where I made literally zero progress. Frustrated, I decided on a different approach w Megan / WC Phys Therapy. Six brief and cost efficient sessions with Megan over the course of several months, and my heel is incredibly better. Complete mobility restored, and pain free. The facility and Megan are top notch, respectful of your time and highly recommended by me… absolutely a five star experience.


I am very pleased with the therapy I received at OSPT, wonderful service.
I am most impressed by the level of caring the Dr’s of Physical Therapy has for their patients. In addition to focusing on my progress level to insure that I reach my recovery goals or learn how to manage myself during the recovery period. The Dr’s that worked specifically with me were Kelsey, Rebecca and Sam they were instrumental on helping me to management my pain and other ailments that came along with Spinal Fusion Surgery. I could really feel the Heartfelt caring of these Dr’s and the entire staff from front Desk associates. This place is very welcoming and open hearted yet buckling down with the business at hand and never loose sight of the patient’s recovery. Of course Grant you are very instrumental in aiding my recovery as well and I thank you for that. You have a great team and it shows through your Leadership.