This is the place to go for knee replacement rehabilitation. The physical Therapists are all certified at the highest levels. The facility is immaculate, fully equipped with the latest training/exercise equipment. Their front desk support staff are courteous and friendly. I highly recommend Dr Kelseay as a PT. She is pleasant to work with, has a fun sense of humor but most importantly she is totally focused on your day to day progress and tailors the daily sessions to maximize your rehab goals. I was 100% pleased with my rehab experience and outcome.

Mark Bridges

I had a great experience with Westchase Physical therapy. Megan was wonderful. I was recovering from hip replacement surgery. Megan pushed me to do the most I could to recover. She was very friendly and encouraging. I recovered well and went back a year later for a “tune up”. I was very pleased with my experience there.

Kathleen Sutton

Westchase Physical Therapy is absolutely best place for you, if you have any problems with your back, knees, shoulders, etc. Ivonne brought me back to life, when I could not walk. What differentiates them from others- they really care. They would not let you go until you get results. They truly are the best! Highly recommend!

Polina Lebed

I see Samantha here. She is an amazing therapist. I had surgery on my foot and couldn’t even move it. With her help I am getting the motion back, she knows what my goal is and working diligently to help me achieve it. Sam has a big heart and really cares about you and what your needs are. Sam is very smart and knowledgeable and always answers any questions I have. I highly recommend her if you are needing PT. The front staff greets you and are super nice.

Debbie Turek

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Roger Huseland

I finished physical therapy at Westchase Physical Therapy several weeks ago. I had a great experience there! They have a great facility, and excellent staff. Sarina Jose was my physical therapist, and she did an amazing job helping me get my shoulder back to normal. She was friendly, personable, and great to work with! I would recommend Westchase Physical Therapy to anyone who needs physical therapy.

Cristina Gomez

My experience at Westchase pt has been nothing but amazing. All the staff are nice and helped keep all my appointments even when I couldn’t make some. The front desk ladies are awesome! My physical therapist Samantha changed my lifestyle and my life with all the helpful tips and tricks she’s given me. I was able to continue the fire academy after a back injury and finish successfully without further injuries. Samantha truly cares about her patients and I am so thankful to have had her!